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Paid Advertising Online-Pay Per Click

Paid Advertising Online-Pay Per Click


Why pay for advertising on the Internet?
Paid Advertising brings immediate results to your website through increasing traffic and its visibility as soon as the campaign is active. Whilst we recognise the importance of SEO it can often take months before you begin to see results, in the meantime paid advertising can bring you immediate results and once SEO begins to produce results the impact greatly increased.

Did you know? Paid Online Advertising has the lowest cost per aquisition of any form of advertising! And that you only pay when the ad is clicked on rather than the number of times that it is displayed. You may also create as many ads and campaigns as you would like and still only pay if someone clicks on that ad to get to your site. One ad may be shown 10,000 times per day but you will only be charged for actual leads. On average one lead may cost you between 20 cents and one dollar. Would you pay that for a potential customer?

Search Engines drive over 80% of the traffic on the Web? Eighty percent! And if your website doesn't show up on the first page of search results. . .well, it really doesn't matter where you're listed. No one will ever find you. AND you are missing out on a HUGE opportunity to drive traffic and increase sales.

Please Contact US if you would like to create an online advertising campaign or ask advise from our Google adwords specialist.

Free Google AdWords Promotional Voucher
Our SEO packges include a taste of paid advertising. We'll make sure your site gets the attention it deserves with a free $50 Google AdWords voucher. No matter what your budget, Google AdWords let you display your ads on Google and Google's advertising network. You'll pay only if people click on your ads.
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